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Date: 2009-10-21 12:15
Subject: Toreador Coord Application
Security: Public
 Coordinator Position Applied For: Toreador Coordinator

Applicant Name: Monica Marlowe

Applicant Email: janetlyndon@gmail.com

Applicant Home Chronicle: Shadows of Cincinnati


I played in OWbN briefly in 1998 and later rejoined in September 2001. After the attacks in New York and DC I realized that I was missing something in my life and wanted to reconnect with friends and build new relationships. I have played in WW based LARP and table top since 1998. My favorite table top genre is actually Werewolf: The Apocalypse, but I feel that the political maneuvering of Vampires very much begs for player interactions that can only be achieved through LARP.


My first PC of note was a Toreador, Isabelle Deveaux. It was at that time that I fell in love with the Clan, characters and players alike. Within weeks of losing my PC I became the Midwest Toreador subcoordinator under Kenny Lull. Since then I have served under Loopy for Team Tory and joined Team Cam with T. Doug and Alan’s current team. In addition to playing Isabelle Deveaux, I played Parker Glim, Nosferatu and currently play the Malkavian, Janet Lyndon and to a lesser extent Moira X, Nosferatu.


In my other life, outside of game, I am a mother of two small children and I am an RN. These two have opened my eyes to the vast diversity that the world has to offer. I spend each day helping people learn to care for themselves, whether it’s learning to tie their shoes, eat with a fork or learning how to walk again with a new hip joint. Being able to communicate on many levels and listening have become increasingly important to me and valuable skills that I bring to the table.


Last year was a difficult time for me. I had a great deal of stress and loss in my personal life. It changed the way I think about what it means to be serious and when to have fun. I learned a lot about how to deal with myself and others, how to handle issues when they arose unexpectedly and to know when to let things go.


I feel that a genre Coordinator should be available to help STs who have questions about aspects of their specific genre and develop compelling plots/NPCs to further local storylines; to help players create intriguing characters that they will enjoy playing in our shared universe; and provide valuable feedback to other Coordinators and Council on matters of genre interactions. Open lines of communication are essential for all of these things to work, both listening and talking. I have good relationships with most of the current Coordinator staff and feel that I can add positively to the mix.


Administrative Experience:

Subcoordinator for Clan Toreador since 4/2006, under Kenny Lull and Loopy Smith

Sub coordinator / List Mod for Camarilla Coordinator since 8/2008, under T. Doug and Alan Pursell

Council Member for Cincinnati: 2006-2008


I began my time on Team Toreador as the Midwest Subcoordinator for Kenny. I kept tabs on the clan and took new PCs under my wing, helping them make connections in and out of the clan player base. When Loopy rejoined Team Toreador the next year, circumstances beyond our control left just the two of us to run the administration of Clan Toreador. I was given the lists, new players and Guild oversight while Loopy did the heavy lifting. This responsibility gave me the opportunity to work closely with the Storytellers and players on a new level.

At this time I ran the opening act of the Jack the Barber/Sweeney Todd plotline. Loopy and I worked very closely together on this project. It was encouraging to see that we were on very much the same wavelength. The storyline was well received by the player base and storytellers alike. In addition I portray ongoing NPCs that provided interactions between the upper echelons of the Clan and traveled to Chicago to assist the ST staff there with the after math of the Art Institute bombing and followed through for the Shade execution and wrap up. I have organized several large and small scenes, both online and during events/games to promote role play opportunities.

The need for a new, updated Clan website led me to introduce Angela, our current web mistress, to Loopy shortly after the last election. I cannot take any credit for Angela’s outstanding vision but I do love her website and hope she will remain on staff with the new Administration.


In addition to my time in the org, I have played in countless independent games and served as storyteller in a couple.


I have mentioned several times in my application that open communications are very important to me. I take the process of sharing information very seriously in my working life as the lives of others depend upon my ability to communicate to and receive messages from other people. Patients know their bodies better than anyone else, usually, and to discount their information is a waste of a valuable resource. I will approach my communications with chronicles, council and other coordinators the same way. Storytellers and Council members know their games much better than I ever could. I will listen to all requests and concerns with an open mind. In situations of conflicts, I will listen to both sides of the story. However, I will also ask questions. Nothing happens in a vacuum and decisions cannot be made without all pertinent information. My goal for every conflict is to be resolved through talking about issues and reaching an acceptable agreement between all involved parties, whether storytellers, council members, other coordinators or players.




Clan Toreador is a vibrant group of players who know best how to push their own buttons. They rarely need help getting into or out of trouble. My goals as Toreador Coordinator are to keep the Clan bubbling just below the boiling point. They do not need much stirring, just someone to keep an eye on them to make sure they clean up after themselves or make them wish they had.


The next term appears to be shaping up to be very important for the Clan and the Camarilla. With the destruction of Shade for crimes against the Camarilla, the claiming of the Extremis Boon and the rising issues with naughty Archons possibly leading to another Conclave, I feel that this year is going to provide all the excitement Clan Toreador is going to need without any specific additions from the Coordinator's office. The best part of playing Vampire is allowing everyone to be as evil, deceptive and manipulative as possible without being deceived or manipulated one’s self.


Unlike other Clans, Clan Toreador has two hierarchies and those two structures do not always get along or agree completely on the methods by which goals can and should be achieved. There have been some ideas in the works with the current staff that I would like to see played out. The Guild is about to see a changing of the guard, as well as receive an injection of player initiated mayhem. I look forward to seeing how the players will respond to both circumstances, but to go any further here would reveal more than I am willing to say at this time.


I do not view NPCs as everyday attire, they are special evening wear. They shouldn’t be pulled out every time something goes wrong and certainly not used to protect player characters (or other NPCs) who have been called to task about personal actions. That is not to say that I won’t let Petronius and Ophelia go out to play from time to time, but I feel that each time such NPCs make public appearances diminishes the mystique of the Elders. I need to weigh that loss of mystery against the powerful statement that the presence of high ranking NPCs can make and base my decisions on that balance.


My hope is that each member of the current Team will continue through into the next term, regardless of who wins the election. They are an awesome group of individuals who have done an excellent job and worked well as a team. It is my intention to invite Loopy to fill the traditional role as Legacy Sub-coordinator. I couldn’t imagine Clan Toreador without her presence.


We are still without an approved Clan Packet and I would very much like to put that last piece of unfinished work to rest. It has haunted me for the past two years and it is my hope to clean up some of the issues I have with the current packet and have something WW acceptable to get to potential players and storytellers alike.


Personal Statement:


I have a deep love for this game and the people who play in it. Most of my long standing personal friends I have made through this organization or other similar games. It is my goal to add to the general enjoyment of others in our shared imaginary unlives. I believe that being the Toreador Coordinator will allow me to continue the work that I have begun under Kenny and continued through with Loopy. I look forward to another exciting year in OWbN. Below you will find the official support I require by the bylaws and below that, I have had several people who have offered personal accounts of their interactions with me as a subcoordinator, I have included only a few.


Support From:




Cincinnati, Oh – Shadows of Cincinnati

Jerusalem, Israel – Last Crusade

Lehigh Valley, Pa – Steel Nights

Sorocaba, Brazil – The Abyss Within

Amador, Ca – River of Shadows




Loopy Smith, current Toreador Coordinator

Rojir McCrady, current AHC

Geoffrey Combs, current AHC

Brendan Ammerman, current Malkavian Coordinator

Chad Halverson, current Lasombra Coordinator

Gregg McCleary, current Giovanni Coordinator

Dawn Ireton, current Archivist

LeAmber Kensley, current Financial Coordinator



Statements of personal support:


"Monica has been my bedrock subcoordinator over the past two years. When I get overwhelmed, I can trust on her dedication to the job and willingness to collaborate in order to keep things moving in a healthy direction.” - Jen 'Loopy' Smith, Toreador Coordinator


I met Monica through the interactions of our Toreador PCs in about 2005.  She worked with me get the Toreador website up and running officially.  She's a great person to work with on plot or if you just want to chat.” - Angela Allen, player of Lydia Trent, Toreador and Web Mistress Extraordinaire


“I think that she has also shown that she cares about the individual story of each player in Clan Toreador, and will understand the balance between letting the players do what they do best, and managing the genre she would be responsible for.” – Heather Santoro, player of Angel LaRouge, Toreador


“I would like to officially state my support for Monica Marlowe for Toreador Coord. In my nearly 7 years with the Org, I have been ally and adversary to Isabel Deveaux, her Toreador PC. I have also count her as a good friend out of character. She has always been a reliable source of advice regarding not only rule mechanics and org politics, but also character and story development. 
She makes plots available to players without forcing it upon them. In a clan that features so many dynamic and creative players, there is very little need for top-down plot. I do not doubt that should the players require it, Monica would be more than creative enough to provide such plot.
I encourage all of you to support Monica Marlowe for Toreador Coord.” – Christina Brucker, player of Cassandra Sumner, Toreador



“I believe her natural love of the Toreador Clan and her history as not only a long standing former Torrie character but her continued involvement as a sub coord for a few years gives her the insight that would help continue the 'Fun' clan down an enjoyable path.” – Sandy Johnson, player of Faith Williams, Toreador


“She has a love for the clan and I believe she will do a smashing job to continue moving the genre forward in the right direction.” – Mark Tippett, player of Clarence Williams, former Toreador


“Cannot support you on account of you giving my ashes to Clarence.
If it wasn't for that, you could officially say Candidacy endorsed by Percy!’” – Schatzie, player of Percy Lake, former Toreador (no Dark Thaumaturgy was exchanged for this ‘not quite an endorsement’ endorsement).


“In ten plus years of playing in owbn I've only ever seen one coord not only worth interacting with, but damn good.  That of course is Loopy.  The only sub coord I've ever had good valid positive interactions with however, with no negative always true to genre interactions no matter what I was playing was Monica.  Monica is a damn good player and coord and true to genre.” – Chad Korbar, former player of Juno, Toreador


“I have known Monica for a few years now. I am not an ST and I have no administrative experience in the org, but I have played in numerous games with numerous STs and I deal with coords regularly as a PC. It really is as a PC that I come to think about what I would want in a Coord. Monica has, what I believe, are the most important qualities that I look for when looking to work with a Coord. She is willing to hear multiple opinions. She is enthusiastic and willing to be assertive. She is creative and seems to always remember that there must be a balance between good story that is fun for players and maintaining some degree of genre (even in OWBN). She is EXTREMELY fast on emails, which makes working with her as a PC a pleasure. She knows a lot of the people in the org, which is always helpful. Monica simply has a skill set that would be extremely valuable when leading a clan or the org as a whole. I believe she would be an invaluable addition to the coord staff.” – Michael Bernstein, player of Archon Jacob Black, Malkavian


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Date: 2008-08-09 12:47
Subject: Help for Liam
Security: Public

As a former BMT oncology nurse, this is near and dear to my heart. If you are or know someone who is of Hispanic, Philippino, African/African-American, any non-Caucasian background (or even if they are Caucasian), please ask them to register as a potential donor. In the last 20 years, 30,000 lives have been saved by this gift of life. Please consider this.

Dear Ones,
Sorry for the "spam" type mail, but you are all friends and family, and the situation is becoming very serious for someone I love very much, my (almost) 4 year old nephew, Liam. He is battling leukemia, and due to some chromosomal anomalies, his chances of survival are greatly reduced if he does not find a bone-marrow donor soon.
This is an urgent message is from my nephew's other aunt, Michelle, regarding Liam's search for a donor. Please help if you can by spreading the word far and wide.
People with Hispanic ancestry are especially encouraged to register as bone marrow donors, as are young men (18+) and women who have not given birth.

Thank you!

Sadie McNassar
(DB Myrrha)

Hello Family and Friends,

I'm writing tonight with a request- there is some urgency. If you have been thinking of joining the bone marrow donor list, do not delay. We found out today that after an examination of over 5 million donors on the registry, there is not a single match for my nephew Liam. They are going to keep checking every week, but we need to find one as soon as possible. Plan B is umbilical cord blood - a new process - not our first choice.

(To find a donation site or join the registry by mail, please go to www.marrow.org/)

Like I said before- please do not procrastinate- there is no more time for 'next week.' We are all hoping for a miracle- you could be part of that. There is no way to donate specifically for Liam, you must join the registry- they assure us that if you are a match, they will find you. Young men (over the age of 18) are especially encouraged.
 Please pass the word on. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Liam's 4th birthday is August 27th. It would be a great gift to give him life.

With love and hope,

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Date: 2007-10-15 20:16
Subject: Curvalicious Cardigan
Security: Public
Tags:curvalicious cardigan

I realized a few days ago that my gauge on Curvalicious was too tight and I attempted to compensate, only to realize that I did it wrong so I had to frog a good inch and a half of work. I was able to pound it back out and make up a little work but I'm concerned that it's going to be too small but I'm reluctant to rip the whole thing down and start over...maybe I should just lose a little weight, it would probably be easier.

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Date: 2007-10-12 09:42
Subject: WIP
Security: Public
Tags:curvalicious cardigan

GAH! I had a wonderful post about my Rowan Calmer 50% off bargain and how I was making it into the Big Girl Knits "Curvalicious Cardigan", but LJ ate it. 

Growl. Well, there you go, all you needed in half the time. :-)

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